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All entries will be confirmed.
Closing date of entries: half November.

Every competitor (and visitor) needs an admission-ticket to enter the ballroom. Book your tickets here.
Also a competition-fee of 15,- euro per entry is charged (except pro-ams and teacher-students). To be paid before collecting the number in Paris.
Pro-Am: one of the couple must be a qualified professional.
Teacher-student: one of the couple is an amateur-teacher.
** International members of the WDC AL only pay 10,- euro per entry!! Membercards required.
All participants in any capacity, by entering the competition, accept any ruling from the organizer during the event and wave any possible claim towards the organizer.
All rights to any fees for any commercial enterprise (such as TV-coverage,  video-recording, etc)  will vest solely with the Organizers and no participants in any capacity shall have any claim against the organizer at any such event.

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