Disney is about the best judges...

To judge in Disney is an honour. A recognition that you belong to the elite group of people with a long history in dancing. People that made dancing to what it is now.

Over 70 judges will seek for the new champions with all their knowledge and skills. 

Every dancer will appreciate to be judged by these authorities in dancing.

The judges

Alan Fletcher England
Alexander Chesnokov Russia
Anne Gleave England
Bryan Watson Germany
Carmen Germany
David Sycamore England
Denise Weavers England
Elena Khvorova Russia
Evgeniy Ryupin Russia
Francois Visele France
Harald Frahm Germany
Hazel Fletcher England
Heather Smith U.S.A.
Janet Gleave England
Jean-Yves Bullones France
Jose Sarabia France
Jukka Haapalainen Finland
Kenny Welsh England
Len Armstrong England
Loraine Barry England
Michael Barr England
Michel Aufrere France
Oleg Dashkevich Russia
René Barsi France
Richard Gleave O.B.E. England
Simona Fancello Italy
Stephen Hannah Scotland
Susan Puttock U.S.A.
Vicky Barr England
Viktor Nikovsky Russia

 And many more to come!